Raw Punk Folk From The Shires

Folk/ Punk band based in Banbury (UK)
Simon Hill (Vocal, Guitar, Tin Whistle), Maty Tustian (Bodhran, Vocals), Tony Partner (Guitar, Bass), Johnny Tims (Fiddle, Mandolin)

Formed in the early 1990's, folk the system's firebrand mix of folk mayhem and punk attitude soon carried them away from the pubs and clubs of their banbury home.
Headlining and supporting bands such as Citizen fish, Blythe power and the Rythmites (to name a few). They have played festivals and clubs from the tip of Cornwall to the wilds of the Scottish highlands gathering fans and friends where ever they stopped.
The band split up in the late 1990's after years of drinking, dancing and general chaos. But always remained friends with many a drunken night ending in plans to reform.
In late 2013 lead singer and esteemed band leader Simon hill bought a new 12 string and sent word to his troops that the music world needed another blast of folk the system.
How could we refuse...
2014 saw our first gigs with all original members for nearly 20 years , 2015 sees us back on stage at various gigs and festivals across the UK (SESE, Beacon festival, Umbrella fair, SEITD, Bostin' days and others..)
With an album release in early May 2015 and a track recorded for the "Bostin' Days" charity cd, the fun continues.

2016 sees us back to the original 4 piece due to family commitments of our Bass player Jonnie Fell.

Gone is the rusty sherpa van of doom.
Gone are the security mongrels of death ( RIP Crowley and Tess).
Gone is the evil monster that was Thatcher.
But the people still need a voice and we're back, older, with less hair and slightly cleaner clothes, but still folking angry!